Monday, 23 April 2018


When I turned 60, I decided I wanted to learn more about how to take really interesting photographs. I bought a very expensive Nikon and enrolled in a night class at the college near us. Unfortunately the teacher was not very good. And I don't think I ever really learned how to operate this very complicated camera...and it got heavier and heavier as I got older. So eventually one Christmas I gave it to my son-in-law.  Today it seems like the cameras and smart phones do all the work for you. I really don't need a fancy camera. I just need to get at it.

So what makes a great photograph?

“I think what makes a great photograph is if that photograph tells a story. And it can be a very simple story, but it has to evoke. It will speak to you and it will speak to everybody in a different way.”

There are photos that have been shared by our friends on WTIOC that draw me in. I love to see the photos we share. I remember seeing photos by Irish Girl that were very powerful. And another of a young What Timer on a fence looking out over a ball field that really moved me. Shapeshifterbelly has shared beautiful photos that are rich in texture and composition. 

We have gotten to know each other so much better through the photographs that we have shared. Amy's garden, Duncan's antics, Regina and Peter's walks, Q's Cape Cod, all come to mind. They all speak to me. 

I guess there is no one way to make a great photo. Photography is like art. It is subjective. And we don't have to try to make it great. It just needs to speak to us in some way.

With this in mind, here are some of my favourite photos. 

Northern Quebec

Prince Edward Island

An old barn on my friend's property.

The St. Lawrence River

I would love to see some of your favourite photos. 

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Little shop of delights

I saw these and thought of TW... The macarons made me think of P, of course!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

The morning after ..

The last couple of days have been very eventful here on the blog. Three birthdays celebrated, and a trip to Paris as well! We have enjoyed champagne and eaten to our hearts content, not to mention all the socializing and diverse conversations. I think a relaxing Saturday is what we need today.  Recharge and get ready for the week ahead.

Yes, this is my Duncan. He has mastered the art of relaxation !! 
Have a great day everyone !

Friday, 20 April 2018

Pack Your Bags, We Are Going To A Party!!

Today we celebrate the birthdays of two of our very special friends... GrannyJ and Amy!  I thought we'd do something a little different, so pack your bags and get out your passports because we're going on a trip to Paris!!

I made reservations for us to celebrate at this charming spot...

... let's go in, our table is ready!

We'll toast GJ and Amy with champagne then have our treats!  And there's wine also, too.

Let's go on a stroll to look at some special gardens that Amy will enjoy... starting with the secret rooftop garden at Hermes.

Musee Rodin's Rose Garden...

This tidy garden...

And finally, the Palais Royal Garden...

Our final stop is to see some artisan quilts at a quaint gallery.  I think GrannyJ will like them!

Oh my, look at the time!!  We better hurry to catch our flight back to reality!!

Happy Birthday, Amy and GrannyJ!! xoxo 

Let's not forget that we have our favorite fella traveling with us.  Let's show him some love by putting him up in the Ritz' Windsor Suite...

P, I left something on the dresser for you... just a little something special so you can feel pampered too.

I made a standing reservation for you at Le Duke's Bar, should you need some time away from the ladies.  I hear that they make the fanciest cocktails in Paris.  Be warned, we know where to find you, and we will be joining you later!